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From our hotel you can easily hop over and discover the beautiful surroundings. Spectacular views of untouched beauty and spirituality. Perfect for motorcycle, bicycle and walking trips. Or take your car to the Trauttmansdorff Gardens (Meran's botanical garden), the Meran spa, the Rio Sass canyon or the beautiful Sarnonico Golf Course.
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The Shrine of Madonna of Senale

First of all, do not be surprised if you find that churches and shrines are important in our region. It is important to know that our region is under Catholic influence and the love for Catholics and religious devotion has remained intact until today.

Even our area, "Senale San Felice" has a very interesting sanctuary. This sanctuary has been in existence since the 12th century and was restored in the 15th century. Century Gothic style.

The tower dates back to Roman times. Our sanctuary is adorned by a beautiful Baroque altar. The pilgrimage leads to an ancient image of Our Lady. In fact, you can admire the vitrified casket with the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary and the baby surrounded by angels.

"San Romedio" of the Val di Non

In the immediate vicinity, you can also visit another 'pilgrimage destination', that is the "San Romedio" sanctuary of Val di Non.

"San Romedio" is located in the middle of a wild and untouched gorge. A highly sought-after destination.

This monastery was founded in the year 800 and now belongs to the Franciscans.

Legend has it that Santo Romedio, to whom this monastery was devoted, managed to tame a bear, and so it is logical that today, near this monastery, there is a fence for the bears!

Von Thun Castle

Want to visit one of the most impressive buildings in the entire region? Then check out the artificial lake of Santa Giustina to the south along Mezzolombardo just before Trento. In the vicinity of Vigo di Ton in the low valley, you will then find the von Thun Castle, located at the top of a hill.

The castle belonged to the noble von Thun and Hohenstein families and was built in the 13th century in Gothic style.

The imposing walls along the rivers, its moat and towers protect the entire territory of the castle, where an ancient palace is located in the center. The main entrance door called "The Spanish Door" dates back to the year 1566.

A member of the von Thun family who came to Spain was very impressed by Spanish architecture and then built this Spanish style door. That is where the name comes from. Today Castel Thun is a museum and belongs to the region of Trentino. Inside the castle you will find magnificent rooms with tiled stoves and antique furniture. Also a collection of weapons. The chapel of the castle can also be visited and this "Georg" chapel is adorned with precious wall paintings from the 15th century.

After visiting the Thun Castle, why not go for a stroll in the beautiful garden of the castle!

Natural attractions

Within walking distance of our hotel, you will discover a number of other cultural and geographic points of interest, including:
  • The Botanical Gardens of Trautmannsdorf (the best known in Merano)
  • The Terme di Merano
  • The Rio Sas canyon
  • Golf course at Sarnonico

Cammino di San Romedio

Immerse yourself in a unique experience with nature and yourself : San Romedio, a pilgrimage route that starts from Thaur and continues to the sanctuary located in Val di Non. Another great tourist attraction and wedding destination. Named after the saint of the same name, who is also the patron saint of pilgrims and hikers. The trail winds along 180 kilometers, reaching total altitudes of up to 9,600 meters.

Cammino di San Vigilio

Calm, serenity, peace and nature: these are the characteristics of Via Vigilius, also known as Cammino di San Vigilio. Walk in the footsteps of the saint of the same name who spread the Gospel here.
A varied and spectacular route that crosses the Val di Non Valley from Monte San Vigilio to Trento, for a total of about 110 kilometers. Along the way, you will find a number of significant locations in the life of this particular saint, including the church of San Vigilio, at 1770 meters altitude. The highest point of the journey.

Cammino Jacopeo

A spiritual journey combining faith with passion for hiking and mountain villages: the Cammino Jacopeo, 160 kilometers inside the Val di Non. Various routes in the woods, but also road journeys crossing the Valley countries. Immerse yourself in the mountain life all around you. Experience the streets, the life and the traditions.

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