Our cuisine is a tasty mix of South Tyrolean tradition, revisited through the culinary wisdom of those who also love the Mediterranean tradition. This combination results in food made of only the very freshest, lightest ingredients, that can satisfy both meat-lovers as well as vegetarians..
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Traditional cuisine

We like to think of our kitchen as our home: cozy, pleasant, and filled with so much love. We use products from our own vegetable garden, homemade pasta (noodles, fettuccine, ravioli), and delicacies, such as traditional strudel. On the menu you will also find many vegetarian dishes. 

Special offers weeks

The mountain allows us to grow some crops that are typical of these altitudes. These are great crops for special dishes. In the spring, therefore, for an entire week we prepare only dandelion-based dishes, including common dandelion; and in autumn we do the same, with radicchio, great for first courses too.  

Religious tourism

Our region is no stranger to the air of religious devotion, and this is reflected in the multitude of churches and in sanctuaries that have been built here over time. Our hotel is the perfect point of departure for pilgrimages in the area. But it is also perfect for events, such as confirmations, communions and baptisms (we can host up to 80 people).

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